Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The End Of School

I think I commented on this in my other post... but I am finishing school in 8 days. 8 short days. Today, I am feeling quite sentimental about it all- I just looked through all of my facebook photos, and thought, that these might be my last days with some of my friends! I so don't want that aspect of school to end- I love coming to school and seeing my peers every day...

I don't want to waste my last days at school, so I'm about to go to the shops to buy some fun stuff to celebrate the end of school with friends with.

My dad used to write me and my brothers a quote in an email every day to inspire us and encourage in our lives. He now sends this to quite a few people, and I find such joy in reading them. He recently wrote one on this following quote:

“Find occasions to celebrate your happiness. There is more to celebrate than anniversaries and birthdays."

Amanda Bradley

I am going to celebrate these last few days at school! I hope that whoever reads this decides to look upon their life as a celebration, and can see what or who makes them celebrate life:

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.
Marcel Proust

"...It may not be my wedding anniversary today and I might not remember what I did on my first wedding anniversary, however I do know who I spent that day, and chose to spend the rest of my life with. My wife Wendy and she is the charming gardener in my life that makes my soul blossom.

So who makes your soul blossom? Whose soul do you make blossom? How much gardening are you going to do today? Tell someone today that they are the gardener of your life and the impact that they have on you."
(Excerpt from my Dad's quote)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thanks For Your Time

I have been so bad about writing in this blog. I promised myself that I would write regularly, and would write about the second half of my trip to America.... but then I never did! America was great. Bartlesville was amazing. The people were amazing. It stirred me. My brother works for the Voice of The Martyrs, so I learnt more about that, and what they do. It was so awesome, to see all of these people completely serving God in all aspects of life.

It was also really weird, I guess, because it was in the BIBLEBELT... so there was a church on every block, and everyone proffessed that they were Christians- so different to Australia!

So, what's been happening in my life since July? I have been quite busy with school. I had my HSC trial exams, which all went really well. I handed in my 3 major works! which was both stressful and vey satisfying, to finally have them all handed in. I officially have 8 days of school left... ever. It's so weird! It feels weird to think that in 8 days I will not be attending WCS, my school for 10 years, and that I probably won't see a lot of people I have seen daily for years. But then, it's also really weird that although I have finished school, I am going back to school in Spain.

Spain? I haven't really heard much from SEA, making me sad, cause I'd like to know everything right now! I have heard from a few people, who are have just left for Spain, who I will potentially meet. I am following a couple of their blogs, which you can find at and

I have my orientation on the 7/11 (7th of Nov) and I'm really looking forward to it.

I think that's it :)