Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Hate Exchange.

This week I have hated that I'm going on exchange. I have finished school, and it has finally made me realise that I won't be seeing my friends five days a week, which makes me incredibly sad. But, then I realised that when I go to Spain I won't see them for a whole year, making me even sadder. I feel like I'm going to miss my friends and family so much, and that I will miss out on a year of their lives.

This is not to say that I want to not go on exchange, because I know that it will an awesome experience, and even if I do miss my friends, in the end it will be so so beneficial. But I just thought I'd post about how exchange is not something that is rosy, and all fun. Because it isn't. It's hard, and painful, but in the end so so so worthwhile those hard moments.

So, do I really hate exchange? Not really, but I do hate the aspect of not seeing my friends and family for a year.

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