Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Today and Tomorrow

Today I got mail!!!

Don't you just love that feeling, when you have mail specifically addressed to you? Well, this was extra-exciting, as it was about exchange! It talked about me being formally accepted into the program, and the things to expect.

My pre-departure orientation is on the 7th of November- right in the middle of my HSC.. I'm hoping that it won't involve any preparation for it. I'm so excited- everything is coming together. My profile has been sent to Spain, hopefully to future host families, and I am getting sent an itinerary of when I go/return and stuff- though the dates won't be set in concrete.

But, apart from that... Tomorrow I depart for America!! I'm really excited- about hanging out in the diners, seeing the sites, revisiting some of the places I saw when I was last there. I'm really looking forward to hanging out with just mum, as I've never travelled with just her, but I'm really dissapointed that Dad couldn't come too.

I have a 14+ hr flight tomorrow, that I have mixed feelings about... Normally, I love the flights, but we're flying United Airlines, who don't have the personal in-flight entertainment... but it'll mean I'll get to read a lot! (Yay for English Texts!)

I'm really looking forward to saying goodbye to winter for a couple of weeks. So many people have been getting sicker and sicker, so I'm looking forward to some sun, and healthyness. Oh! Sun!! It's funny to think that one day, you crave winter, and the next, you crave summer. I'm totally craving some summer now, and it'll be nice to have a 3 week break from winter- not that our winter is even that cold, but it's just full of people getting sick.

Anyway, I should head off and get some sleep.. I'll hopefully keep this blog posted of some of my adventures in America...

Until then...

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