Friday, May 8, 2009

Student Exchange Australia Interview

This morning I had my interview with Student Exchange Australia, which I was pretty nervous about!! I had been reading heaps on the interviews at the cultures shocked forum ( and I was surprised by how in depth a lot of the interviews were!

So, pretty much, the interview was fine. I overstressed by a mile. She asked me the following questions:
Why I wanted to go on exchange
what I knew about the country I wanted to go on- geography, politics, culture etc...
what would be the most difficult part of exchange
what would be the easiest on exchange
what my friends are like
how I find making friends- hard, easy
If I've studied the language (Spanish in my case)
How I cope with setbacks
What happens if the family's different to mine
Living with a different religion, standards (few role plays)
If I've had any time overseas, and without parents
My academic hopes and career aspirations

When she asked about Spain, I didn't really know much- but it wasn't bad that I didn't know much about it. I think a really important part of the interview process is being honest with the interviewer. I was so so nervous! But it really was fine, and my interviewer was so lovely :).

So, I find out sometime soon if I am formally accepted, but she said I was a top candidate, which is pretty exciting!

It's quite funny, writing in this blog, because I'm not writing to or for anyone... So hopefully, by the time I'm in Spain, (Woo!) other people will be reading it.

Anyway, until next time :)

Oh, and anyone thinking of going on exchange should definitely look at the cultures shocked website- it's helped me heaps, and connects you to a whole community of exchange students :)

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