Friday, May 22, 2009


Well, I'm writing to say that I've been shortlisted for the Language Scholarship for Student Exchange Australia!! :)

It's so exciting :) I didn't think that my essay was that great, especially when I reread it a couple of days after I had submitted the essays. I'll get a call in a couple of days, to set up an interview, which will be conducted in Spanish, to see how motivated and skilled I am in Spanish... I'm kinda freaking out about it though- this person interviewing me is a native Spanish speaker, and it will be all on the phone- I won't be able to see her mouth, it will be purely listening... ahh!!

But, if I get accepted, I will receive a $3500 discount, which will bring the whole cost down to $6500...ish.

I've been reading some other blogs of other exchange students... it's been so lovely, reading other people's experiences of what I will soon to be experiencing too! And I realised, that I hadn't said why I wanted to go on exchange, and why I chose Student Exchange Australia.

Why do I want to go on exchange?

I have always always wanted to go to another school, in another country. I always watched movies thinking, I wish I could have gone to that school!! I have also studied Spanish for the past two years, and have loved the language. It's such a beautiful language, and I really want to become fluent in it. I also really want to work and travel overseas, and having a second language is really beneficial! The idea of living with another family, and experiencing another culture from a locals point of view, really appeals to me.

Why did I chose to go with Student Exchange Australia?

I always originally thought that I would go with Rotary, because that's all I knew who did exchange... I never realised that you could go with others!! But when I found out that I would be too old for Rotary, I was really crushed. But, after researching on the internet, I found that there were lots of companies that did exchange. I loved the idea of STS, but it was way too expensive, almost $16, 000 for the year. That left it down to SCCE, and SEA, and I went to both information evenings, and much preffered SEA, as they were more organised, and seemed more.... modern? I don't want that to seem judgemental, but they still used overhead sheets instead of powerpoint, and everything seemed so... dated?

So, that's where I am right now... Waiting for an email, and looking forward to/studying for my phone interview, en español!


  1. Hey!

    I noticed you've started following my gap year blog (I'm just about to update it)... just wanted to let you know that I did an exchange year in Portugal two years ago and wrote a blog for that as well. Since you'll be an Iberian exchanger, too, I thought you might want to check it out!

  2. Thanks!! I'm reading it right now :)

  3. Hey, You commented on my blog and so i thought i would respond here becuase honestly im not sure how to respond to comments cause i always feel a bit odd commenting on my own blog hahaha.. soooooo ill just let you know the anwnser :

    It really dpends on the person but if it is twards the end of the year (after spring break about) and you are stable in your country and your family. As in you are not home sick any more. then yes 100 percent would recomend it beucase honestly it makes it easier for your paretns to relate to you when you talk about everything becuase they have SEEN your life and seen how you lived in more then just pictures and blog updates. so really it depends on the person but if you are stable and not home sick any more, its at the end of your year and your family is good with it then yes i would recomend it. :D

    Hope htis helsp if you want any more info id love to help you feel free to email me :D

    kendra-- italy 0809