Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Spanish Scholarship Interview

Well, I had my interview for the Language Scholarship today. I was so so so nervous! But it was good. Basically she just asked me to talk about me in Spanish. So I told her my age, family, life, etc... it was just like a normal Spanish aural exam. I didn't think I went awesomely (it was pretty much all in present, with a little in preterite, perfect and future), but I don't think I did badly... She said that I was good, and expressed myself well. So, I'll see where that leads us. If I get it, then I get it.. If not, then that's fine too!

Oh! My parents also told me that I'm going to the States in July. I'm quite excited. I went in 2003/04 summer holidays, and it was awesome. I'm going to San Francisco for three nights, then travelling to Yosemite for 2 nights, which will be awesome cause its summer time, and we went in the winter. Then off to Albuquerque for a week and Oklahoma for a week :) I think I'm most looking forward to the Frank Lloyd Wright skyscraper I'll see in Bartlesville Oklahoma... I studied him in art, and it will be awesome to see one of his actual works! If anyone has any recommendations about where to go, whilst I'm in America, make sure you comment this blog!

Until next time :)

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